Back 28 March 2017

EGT and Reel Games are together again at the Indian Gaming Show

Euro Games Technology and its partner for the US – Reel Games Inc., are ready to put together a memorable display of machines and an extensive experience in the casino industry for the tribal audience at the Indian Gaming Show in San Diego. “Over the past year our partner EGT has had their design teams very busy developing products especially for the U.S. players. We are very excited to release these during NIGA and gather visitors’ opinion. Honestly, this process has already begun with exceptional feedback from most customers including those, based in California.” – shared Sean Smith, president of Reel Games Inc.


A configuration of 10 STORK terminals with an automated roulette wheel will be part of the special selection of EGT multiplayer solutions. The model is well known in many countries, featuring a 22-inch wide-screen LCD-TFT touch monitors, real-time HQ video streaming and unlimited flexibility to form different arrangements on the casino floor. The stylish and innovative roulette table of Luxury Series, having 6 touch-screen gaming stations for placing the bets, included in an overall 84-inch digital display, will also excite the curiosity of the tribal audience.


“NIGA trade show is the largest North American tribal event,” added Sean Smith. “We took part in it for the first time last year and were especially pleased with the quality of customers who came. As for the market, we expand into the entire USA and recently gained certification for our multi-player roulette products. I am excited to show our phenomenal progress during the exhibition.”