Back 16 April 2021

Bally’s Casino added LIVE games to its EGT Multiplayer configuration

After the great success of the Roulette installation at the casino, the management decided to add Live Roulette and Live Baccarat to the Automated Roulette Centers, all playable from the S-line terminals. The transformation from EYE Shape to Theatre setup has been made. Now the players can also enjoy a huge LED Wall with Live streams and Statistics of the games. All split on 6 big screens.

The EGT Live Table Baccarat has a modern ergonomic design equipped with the high-class Electronic card shoe. Also, Full HD live-stream camera, Custom LED illumination and a 10” Control panel.

The Live Roulette connection is possible via our Live Wheel Connection Kit. This exclusive solution is able to link our gaming stations with Live Roulette Wheels of different manufacturers like Abbiati, Cammegh and TCS John Huxley.