Back 17 March 2021

First installation for EGT Multiplayer in Spain

We are glad to announce that we have started 2021 with landing on another new market. The hard work of our team to adapt a product for Spain paid off and now we are ready to entertain the players there too.

At Casino Gran Madrid Colon, part of Grupo Gran Madrid, we have installed S32 terminals, Roulette Center Automated and linked one of their existing Live Roulette Wheel Tables through our Live Wheel Connection Kit. Therefore, the players can play on both Live and Auto Roulettes from a single terminal.

“Grupo Gran Madrid is committed to offering to its customers the best gaming experience through innovation in its different channels,” commented Sergio Rupérez, head of product retail - online at Grupo Gran Madrid. “EGT’s portfolio brings variety and value to our casinos, so it is a pleasure to premiere the latest S32 roulette terminal. We are confident that it will be a great success.”

Following the expectations of the operator, the EGT Multiplayer’s product immediately provoked the players with its stylish, standing-out design and piqued their interest, generating a myriad of positive comments from its first day of action in Spain. The terminal is initially installed in Casino de Colón with upcoming plans to enter also the rest of the operator’s establishments, provided that it keeps its rising performance. Most appreciated by the casino’s guests are its user-friendly navigation, also the fresh and distinctive look.

“The S32 is by far our most successful product and our definite bestseller for 2020,” shared Borislav Marinov, Sales & Marketing Director of EGT Multiplayer. “Nowadays it has been widely installed in Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa and the operators’ interest for it is ever-growing. Its unique performance in Spain, in an establishment of the rank of Casino de Colón, is another source of pride for us, moreover this specific project took us and our colleagues from EGT Spain almost a year to develop. We thank to our client for the given opportunity to show the potential of a product, based on a simple and clear concept, but winning the hearts of the players almost instantly.”

S32 is a fundamental model in the S-Line series that includes 4 more members, differing by the number and size of their displays. The terminal is with a 32-inch HD touch screen monitor, supports HD multi-stream video, charms with a dynamic LED illumination and a powerful surround sound system and may be connected to automated roulette centers and EGT Multiplayer’s roulette & baccarat live tables. Via a special LWCK kit, it may as well be linked to the existing live wheels on the casino floor that may be of other manufacturers, like Abbiati, Cammegh, or TCS John Huxley. Adding to its strengths are also the provided multigames that make it possible for a player to gamble on a mix of up to 6 different roulettes from a single gaming station. This is a substantial advantage especially in the current situation of recommended social distancing.

“We have been working for years with Grupo Gran Madrid and have established our partnership on mutual trust and proven results of our previous slot installations” commented Kristian Kostovski, director of EGT Spain. “Now we have made another step forward in players’ satisfaction with the S32. It is just the beginning of the S-Line journey in Spain, but it paves the way for a very strong 2021 in terms of further deliveries of the EGT Multiplayer’s roulette terminals. We are looking forward to accomplishing all these exciting projects.”