Back 26 June 2020

Jackpot Cards Global at Magic Games, Romania

Not long, after the re-opening of the Romanian gaming halls, EGT Romania brought new excitement for the players. This time it is a Jackpot Cards Global at Magic Games. The already well-known famous Jackpot Cards now links every EGT Multiplayer device in each of the Magic Games locations across the country which contributes to significant values of the 4 levels Mystery-Progressive Jackpot.


Founded in 2014, Magic Games quickly became a favorite place for all the passionate players. Premium locations, latest top cabinets and terminals from the leaders in the gambling industry, and innovative promotional campaigns are the main advantages that have led to the fast rise of the Magic Games as a trusted brand in Romania.


This Jackpot Cards Global pot cumulated from all the EGT Multiplayer devices generate outstanding enthusiasm through the players and can be won while playing on every R-line Premier Roulette and S-line S32 terminal or 3-monitors S32/32/32 cabinet.


In addition, the modern operator Magic Games can benefit from the exceptional performance provided by the latest generation software – Multigame KING HD. KING HD and Jackpot Cards work in superior synchronization for the perfect quality of entertainment. This feature is successfully proven in many places in different countries and for that reason Magic Games rely on us.