Back 2 January 2020

Casino Finix finished the decade with big EGT Multiplayer installation

In the last month of 2019, an impressive new installation has been completed on the border between Bulgaria and Greece. EGT Multiplayer successfully equipped Casino Finix on the Bulgarian side of the border, adding to the floor and increasing its footprint by 22 seats.

Customers of the establishment now have the opportunity to try one of our latest products, the elegant S32/55 cabinet. With its 55" Ultra High Definition portrait screen as a main focus-grabbing element, two banks of four terminals are stationed on the floor. Completed by the King 4 HD Multigame mix, they are set to offer a rich choice of titles combined with multiplayer games for complete player satisfaction.

In addition, Finix Casino managers, trusted the single Premier R8 Roulette connected to ten single monitor terminals to allow them to welcome even more guests. The S32s are set in stadium type of configuration in front of impressive LED Wall, visualizing the Automated Roulette game and entertainment shows for richer guest experience.

All playstations are connected to "Jackpot Cards" four-level bonus game, accommodating even larger jackpot pools and giving players the chance to win big. This is a very promising end for the decade for EGT Multiplayer as well, as we strengthen our position on the market and our partnership with Casino Finix.