Back 24 November 2019

Traditionally impressive BEGExpo for EGT Multiplayer


The annual BEGExpo is now a long-expected event for industry professionals all around Europe. Established as a focal point of all the innovations in the local gaming industry. As a rule, EGT Multiplayer shows developments that make a lasting impression and our display on BEGE 2019 did not make an exception. 


A little over 1200 sq. m. filled with sheer engineering brilliance, beautiful design and over-the-top gaming content welcomed the guest of the EGT family.

The latest generation S-Line terminals were all present, guaranteeing a suitable solution for every gaming hall, with its almost infinite flexibility and configuration opportunities. Gearing up with the KING 3 and KING 4 multigame collections, the series welcomed the players into an endless variety of themes and impeccable visuals. A single Premier R8 Roullete Auto was also part of the overall configuration giving the player even more options and diversity.

The S32/55 terminal was distinguished for its elegance and contemporary design, finding its place in the "Innovation Zone" of the BEGExpo, where cutting-edge product solutions were displayed. Visitors praised it both for the attention to detail put into the machine and the massive 55" Ultra High Definition second screen that absolutely immersed the players into the gameplay.

All gaming stations were connected to the "Jackpot Cards", four levels mystery game which accumulates its winning pools throughout all playstations, granting a chance for bigger and more exciting winnings. The values of the jackpot were shown on four brand new visualization panels. Three different configurations which consisting of two or three 55" displays assembled into a single visualization board and an LED Visualization Wall, that ousts the modesty completely, being three meters wide and almost two meters tall. All of them will also show simultaneously gaming statistics and real-time video streaming of the roulette wheels.

As we welcomed many local and international partners and clients our team successfully gathered invaluable feedback and information about the market and the competitive advantages that the players seek. BEGE Expo proved itself as the definite hub for the entertainment and gaming industry in Eastern Europe once again, and as such helped us to have a better understanding and even clearer vision about the EGT family feature development.