Back 15 October 2019

WIN Club with massive EGT Multiplayer installation

On the 4th of October, a brand new WIN Club casino opened doors in our backyard here in Sofia. The casino floor is equipped almost exclusively with EGT and EGT Multiplayer products with more than 40 gaming places on the floor provided solely by our company.
25 of them are filled by one of our flagship products - the S32 terminal. With all of them connected to a single Premium R8 Automated Roulette, the casino operator utilizes the flexibility of the S-Line series to the fullest.
The floor comes together with the introduction of our newest portfolio member - the S32/55 terminal. With the 55-inch Ultra High Definition portrait screen as a main focus-grabbing element, the configuration of 10 back-to-back S32/55s is furtherly enhanced with six 55-inch LED monitors, showing statistical information and the current jackpot levels.
The finishing touch of the installation is the massive 7.4 x 2.1m Multimedia LED Wall with perfect visibility from every playstation on the floor. All of the EGT Multiplayer machines in the casino are equipped with KING 4 HD multigame mix and connected to the four-level mystery bonus game "Jackpot Cards", which joins all the gaming places in the accumulation and the chance to win even bigger jackpot pools.