Back 27 January 2019

Another success in Timor Leste

The latest installation of EGT Multiplayer took place in the Golden Sands Casino, located in Timor-Leste’s capital - Dili. This is the second one for the casino, enriching their collection of our products. The first installation included a ‘T-Line’ 84 Auto Double touch table luxury roulette with twelve gaming seats.

This time we introduced to the local audience eight ‘S32/32’ multiplayer terminals from our S-Line series, equipped with WANG Collection Multigame - specially designed for the Asian market. We added to the configuration one ‘Premier R8’ roulette, an exceptional carbon fibre design, which is also one of our well-established global products.

As a final touch, our “Jackpot Cards” bonus game contributed to an even more vibrant and exciting gaming experience.