Back 23 November 2018

EGT Multiplayer reaps success at BEGExpo 2018

The established player in the market for multiplayer solutions EGT Multiplayer, reaped tremendous success at the 11th Balkan Entertainment & Gaming Exhibition.

Guests from more than 35 countries attended BEGExpo and had the opportunity to check more than 80 stands, presenting all new innovations and trends in the gaming and entertainment industry.

Once again the crown jewel of the expo was delivered by the EGT family. At their booth 4.8, occupying more than 1200 square meters and over 220 gaming stations, they provided impressive show with their entertainment program and various performances which were accepted undoubtedly well and got the attention of the crowd.

EGT Multiplayer did exceptionally well demonstrating the best of their product range. Our big successes – the next generation gaming terminals of S-line series - included S32, S32/32 and S32/32/32 models with full HD experience on their 32-inch touch screen monitors, set up with the attractive game mixes of King 3 HD and Kind 4 HD received the attention of the visitors along with excellent feedback.  The STORK terminals, supplied with the multi-games Rigel 2 and 3, were also part of various configurations. Another highlight of the display were the Premier R6 and R8 automated roulettes. Equipped with 23-inch widescreen LCD-TFT touch monitors, it streamed high-quality video of the wheel for each player. Two 84-inched models from the T-Line Series were presented as well, connected to a live and automated wheel, equipped with 6 gaming station and Roulette software.

The BEGExpo was more than success for the whole EGT family, allowing us to strengthen our position as number one industry leader on the Balkans even further.