Back 31 May 2018

Success for EGT Multiplayer at G2E ASIA 2018!

EGT Multiplayer team had great experience at this years expo in Macao - G2E Asia 2018!
It was our first presence at this event and for sure it was fruitful. We gave the visitors the opportunity to explore and play on our fascinating double 84“ screen T-line automated roulette with 12 seat, also to get familiar with the brand new stylish S-line terminals and the well-established PREMIER R8 roulette in carbon design.
For us, it was important to learn about the local market trends and players preferences. The Asian audience is more focused on the multiplayer games and we have attractive products which will please each player needs. EGT Multiplayer offers a rich portfolio of roulettes in different cabinet type, some with multi-games that include the very famous games Baccarat and Sic Bo and many more.
In combination with live and virtual roulette and the ability to connect our terminals to live roulette game, we are sure that we will have a big success in Macao, as well as in the whole Asian region. We've met representatives of some of the biggest companies on the local market and in their opinion, our products will be very attractive and wanted all over Asia. We already have orders for our top product T-line 12 roulette and Premier R8 roulette, which will be installed in Cambodia, Laos and Timor Leste. In the nearest future, we plan to expand the sales in other countries with the major cooperation of our main distributor - Channel Paradise. We want to express our special thanks for all of their support! G2E Asia 2018 definitely was a success for EGT Multiplayer and the whole EGT family.
We see big opportunities in this market and we are looking forward to delivering more quality gaming experience in Asia! It was a pleasure for us, see you next time!